Unexpected and intense start of the Off Road ASMAC Championship 2013

Luis Francisco and Alejandro Díaz the winners of class Bikes Pro. Photo: Alex Vizcaíno

Overwhelming way to start the 2013 ASMAC Off Road Motorcycling Championship with a spectacular race in “Los Barriles Cabo del Este 300”, celebrated February 17th where 42 riders took the green flag starting the 7 races of this modality which will turn on the Baja California Sur’s motorcycling fans.

Every year, the first race of the season set up a very special scenario… the dreams and aspirations of each racer are intact facing the year which is about to start, everybody’s minds fabricate the best strategy to have the best of the years, the best of the championships… The inevitable dreams and longings flutter in the entire racer’s minds almost coming out of the helmets which waiting, conform the first starting line of the year…

The expectations are unsure, but that emotion of starting a new year, it’s as unmistakable as inevitable, not juts for the racers, but to the crews, the fans, promoters… who will be this year’s champions…

Kirk Rusell was the big surprise of the event taking the Class 30 and the overall for the bikes and quads. Photo: Alex Vizcaíno

Saturday February 16th night many suffered in the tech-mechanic revision due to take not notice of the ASMAC calls to read the regulations and be aware of the things that were checked.

February 17th, Sunday, 6:30 in the mourning. The spectacular and unique scenario of the Palmas del Cortes Hotel was showing the long 42 bikes and quads line awaiting for their destiny… Almost 300 kilometers of competition…

Enrique Castillo and Edgar Miranda had the privilege of receive the first green flag swinging of 201, the challenge was about to start…

In the Pro Bikes Class Alejandro and Luis Francisco Díaz had an excellent start of the year, reaching the first place of their class and starting the championship with the right foot. Diego Martínez and Eduardo Gastelum did what it was needed to show up at the podium in the second step, while 8x Víctor Tarango closed the podium with the 3rd place.

Jesús Camacho conquers the Novice Bikes class. Photo: Alex Vizcaíno

In the Class 30 an amazing battle took place between the actual monarch and a new participant of the ASMAC motorcycling: Kirk Rusell, whom shined and pointed all the reflectors on him, due to an excellent race where not just defeated the battle hardened and renowned owner of the #300x, but crowned himself with the overall time for the motorcycling stopping the chrono in 3:30:28 surprising everybody. Quade was just one minute and 14 secs behind the winner who’s going to be a good rival and competitor to put the Class 30 actions red hot for this year. The third place was taken by Itzcoatl Bareño.

In the Novice Bikes Class Jesus Camacho caught the victory in his 208x bike, getting himself to stand out in the East Cape dirt roads to start in a good way the year, for sure a motivating way to look forward to the #200x. The “Chiquilin” (Small One) Jesse Hanes, 2012’s sub champion made it to reach the second place of the class starting also with a nice result, such as Juan Carlos Morales who got the 3dr saying also “present” to fight for the Novice Bikes 2013 crown.

Francisco Silva Cosío and Guillermo Antonio Guluarte started 2013 with the right foot. Photo: Alex Vizcaíno

The Novice ATV was the class with more participants of this 1st race of the year, 11 racers started around 7:00 o’clock in the green grass of the Palmas de Cortes Hotel at Los Barriles, B.C.S., all of them seeking to be the first one to receive the checkers flag… But there’s only one winner, and this time the best of the class was the couple of Francisco Silva Cosío and Guillermo Antonio Guluarte, whom attempted to challenge the 300 km race course making it in the 1st place un a fierce way to initiate the championship. The 2nd spot of the podium was to Jose Ricardo Ruiz Cabanillas who loose the race for only une minute and 19 secs. The 3rd place goes to Moises Savin Valle, the actual sub champion of the class who will try to get the 200a this season.

The Class 24 started 2013 with a solid victory of the “Cuervos” Team leaded by Edwin Alexis Sánchez dominating the race track to wear the 1st gold medal of the year. Ramon “Loco” Rodríguez and Jesus Contreras, who came back to the cuads after a year of racing in the 1600 cars class, won the 2nd place leaving the 3rd step of the podium to Edgardo Sánchez Landa.

Edwin Sánches leaded he’s teammates to win the Class 24. Photo: Alex Vizcaíno

The spectacular Class 25 had an intense start with a result which was just matter of time to happen… Since the last race of 2012, Stephen Davis proved that he has all what is needed to fight for the coveted 1a, and as a proof of it, the number 2a painted in he’s ATV… In that race last December, Stephen made a great competition getting the 3rd place, but this time he came out to give all for the won…

The Los Barrile’s grown up racer got the green flag in the 9th position of ten participants and was the first to reach the checkers flag conquering the race track in 3:30:59, loosing the motorcycling overall for no more than 31 seconds with Kirk Rusell class 30. The second place of the most competitive class of the ASMAC Off Road Championship was achieved by Sergio Valverde and Joel Castro, duo from municipality of Comundu whom make presence as dangerous rivals in the dispute for the 1a this year, showing it since the very first race. Federico Aguilar “Patito’s” Team got the 3rd place getting into the podium and showing that he’s going to be a tireless pursuer of the championship.

Awesome race of Stephen Davis catching the victory in a good race. Photo: Alex Vizcaíno

The awards ceremony was held in the incomparable grass of the Palmas de Cortes Hotel where the presence of Mr. Roger Norman Score International owner and CEO as well as Oscar Ramos the legal representative of that main off road racing championship, whom delivered the trophys for the overall to the Novice Class and Motorcycling Classes to Francisco Silva Cosío and Guillermo Antonio Guluarte in the Novice, and to Kirk Rusell for the best ASMAC time in the race.

This is how the first chapter of the 2013 schedule started, in the setting of the first race of the U-PRO championship where the Club San José AC and Probaja organized an excellent event by the hands of Luis Fernando González and Manolo Núñez, whom we are very grateful with due to the attentions and support for the motorcycling of Southern Baja.

Click in the next image to download the results (we are still waiting for the check points reports to make the standings chart):