February Los Barriles Motorcycling Race English spoken

The Palmas de Cortéz Hotelin Los Barriles will be the starting green flag sunday mourning.

Race Name: Los Barriles Cabo del Este 300
Date: February 16th and 17th.

It is a 325 kilometers race aprox, starting at the Palmas de Cortez Hotel in Los Barriles, BCS and finishing (only for the bikes) in the check point #8 at La Ribera. It is mandatory to ride carefully back to the Hotel for the official finish line no matter the time’s cut will be the check #8.

The contingency party will be at the Palmas de Cortéz Hotel starting Saturday 16th at 5:30 pm up to 10:00 in the night. The starting positions draw will be at 9:00 in the night.

The entry fees will bee $1,600 pesos for the classes: Bikes Pro, Class 30, Classes 25 and 25, and for the Novice ATV and Novice bike will be $1,400. Pay back of $1,000 of each entry for the classes Bikes Pro, Class 30, Classes 25 and 25, and $800 pesos for the classes Novice ATV and Novice bike with the 50% to the winner, 30% to the 2nd and 20% to the 3rd places.
The rest of the money is divided as follow:
$150 pesos for the annual awards. $450 pesos to the Mexican Motorcycling Federation approval, trophys and armbands for the racers.

If you have your own insurance you can race under your own responsibility, but definitely will be better if you buy the Motorcycling Drivers License (which will last for an entire year) and which has a refund insurance of $50,000 pesos for medical assistance, it is low but the entire racers does it this way.

If you decide to buy the license, it has a cost of $1,126 pesos which you have to deposit in Bancomer bank to the account:  Federación Mexicana de Motociclismo #O448915881 and you have to send the receipt (asmacbcs@hotmail.com) along with the next documents at least 2 days prior the race:

Official ID
Place of residence proof (phone, water o electricity bill under your name)
Blood type certificate
A photograph of your face
And the scan or picture of the bank’s deposit receipt
(scan or  photo)

To be a part of the starting positions draw, you most deposit $300 pesos before February 14th 4:00 pm to any of these accounts:

Account: 5256780392768096


Account: 7186695
Branch Office #: 11
Internet Code for online transfers: 002040001171866952

Once you made your deposit, you most send the deposit’s receipt to the following email addresses: alexviz71@hotmail.com and medinarcadia@yahoo.com.

This can only be the following days: February 2nd, 3rd, 12th, 13th (all day) and 16th (only morning).

For the championship, this race gives:
10 starting points
20 finishing points
If you couldn’t finish the race but you crossed the check point #4, you’ll have 10 finishing points.
And the position points of the chart attached

There can be up to 3 drivers for this competition for each bike.

Medical mandatory revision: Sunday 6:45 mourning at the starting line.

Awards: Sunday at the Palmas de Cortéz hotel, we will confirm the time at the contingency party.

All the participants MOST have all the security gear and:

Name and blood type in your helmet.
Stop light in your back (can be a led)
Your bike MOST have your competition number at least 15 centimeters wide and 12 centimeters tall, with black letters and white background or the opposite in both sides and front of your bike/atv for the classes Pro, Class 30, Classes 25 and 25, and for the Novice ATV and Novice bike the same size but yellow letters and blue backgrownd or opposite.
If you raced last year, your number is in the following link:
If you did not raced last year, you most ask for your number to Luis Medina Arcadia medinarcadia@yahoo.com

This is the 1st of 7 competitions will shape the 2013 Baja Sur Motorcycling Championship.

This is the rest of the Schedule:

April 6th & 7th, “Pueblo Mágico Desert Challenge”, 30 km Course (2 or 3 laps). Todos Santos, BCS.
May 3rd to 5th, “XX Dos Mares 500” 400+ km route. La Paz.
June 15th & 16th, “Coyote 300”, 300 aprox km route. La Paz.
July 27th & 28th, (probable change to 20th & 21st) “Comondú 200” Small Route. Ciudad Constitución.
October 18th to 20th, “San Lucas Desert Challenge”, Small route. Cabo San Lucas.
November 23rd & 24th, “Circuito Bronco Ruta Corta”, Small course. La Paz.

If there’s anything we skipped just tell us, we’ll be pleased to help.