9th 2012 Off Road race and Championship Final

Jeff Quade got the victory in the 9th race of the year, the Championship of the Class 30 and the Overall Points Award of the Pro Classes. Congrats! Photo: Alex Vizcaíno

Last December 14th, 15th and 16th the South Baja Motorcycling Association (Asociación Sudcaliforniana de Motociclismo AC: “ASMAC”) celebrated the spectacular final match of the year (9th race) ending with it the 2012 schedule of events for the Off Road discipline. The race was took place in the beautiful sport fishing spot of Los Barriles, in the Mar de Cortes at the southern Baja peninsula.

The event began Friday 14th with the tech inspection and contingency party at the Palmas de Cortés Hotel with the racers register and starting draw. A total of 44 racers in the 6 different classes signed in for the last competition of the year, which was organized by Probaja as the final match of the Union de Promotores championship.

6:45 am, Saturday, the fist green flag fall starting a spectacular and technical 30 km 3 laps race track for the bikes, starting with the classes Pro Bikes, Class 30, Bike Novice and ATV Novice.

Jacob Irle surprised everyone with the 3rd place of the Novice Bike Class. Photo: Alex Vizcaíno

In the class Pro Bikes, Ramon Davila made a great race with not so much opponents, but in the same hit was racing the Class 30, which was dominated the whole year by Jeff Quade and who was pushing hard to beat Ramon’s lead in the corrected time. The battle became very tight when the last lap was coming, Quade was only seconds behind Davila and made its best to catch him giving a hell of a show to the off road fans whom enjoyed the race. At the checkers flag, Davila made it winning the motorcycling classes with a tiny 10 secs advantage over Quade, who got the first place of the Class 30.

In the same hit Edgar Miranda did a good job on his 293x bike to catch the 1st place of the Novice Bike Class. In that same class, the youngest racer of the day participated: Jacob Irle (12 year old boy) who started in his 85cc bike doing a wonderful race reaching the 3rd place of the podium over 9 rivals in the same class; certainly a nice debut in the South Baja off road racing. In the same Class, Jesse Haynes got the 4th place securing the Sub Championship of the year and having tons of fun in the dirt.

Sergio Valverde also had a great finish of the year achieving his 4th victory of 2012 and securing the championship for him and co driver Luis Kinijara.

The second hit of the day for the motorcycles started at 8:30 am with the Classes ATV 25 and 24, both with several excitement to come in the seek of the championships of both races. After a close fight for the victory between actual champion Manlio Díaz and local racer Stephen Davis, in the Class 25, Federico Aguilar made the best lap and race time stopping the clock in 1:01:58, getting the fist place of his class and the 1st overall time of 44 entries in the competition.

Jesse Haynes «El Chiquilin» got the Sub Championship 2012 of the Novice Bike Class. Photo: Alex Vizcaíno

Edwin Sanchez of the “Cuervos” team did also a fantastic job driving he’s 130a ATV to win the race expecting to check the final points chart to know the champion, unfortunately for Ewin and his team, the 110a ATV of the brother Victor Hugo and Heraldo Murillo made very well their maths and did a tranquil, intelligent race cause they knew that finishing at least in 7th, they would be the champions and new owners of the #100a, a very good strategy followed perfectly to finish in the 6th place getting the title of their class.

Sunday the 16th at the Palmas de Cortés hotel, the awards ceremony took place celebrating the 9th race of the year and the Championship awards also. Therefore the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of the 6 classes were awarded in both, race and championship.

Jesse Haynes had a good “sprint” in the year getting the Sub Championship of the Novice Bike Class, but the best racer of the year was with out a doubt Jeffrey Deniss Quade “Jeff”, who got the Overall Points trophy of the Pro classes adding 1203 points in 9 races, with 8 victories and only one second place.

Congrats to all who participated in the ASMAC races of this year and we look forward to see you guys racing with us next year.

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